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Information Technology at ING

These web pages were set up as background information and for providing a live connection on the course of a talk given by Prof John Taylor, Director of the Research Councils, at the Royal Institutions in London on 17 March 2000.

Introduction by the Director of ING

Live Displays

Live webcams

Live display of images

Live display of images to be shown in the course of the talk given by Prof Taylor at the Royal Institutions, London on 17 March

Image Gallery: examples of images taken with the ING telescopes recently

Current weather at the telescopes

Examples of astronomy research and IT at ING

The Wide-Field Survey with the INT Wide-Field Camera. This survey is a good example of how big science projects can now benefit from the large available detectors and the new developments in data storage and availability.
The First ever Direct Observation of an Extra-solar Planet. This major discovery was achieved thanks to the combination of fast computers, development of dedicated software and lots of high-quality data from the WHT.
IT at ING: some interesting figures.


General Information on the William Herschel Telescope

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